An environment to promote learning and development that is both stimulating and safe

Outside Play Areas are important for Curriculum Delivery. Time spent outside is not like ‘break time’ in schools; we aim for children to spend as much time as possible outside, the age-appropriate staffing ratios are strictly maintained and outside activities, including gardening and insect spotting, are as carefully planned as the time spent indoors.

… and safe

Children cannot learn to walk, run, jump, and climb in an environment that is entirely risk-free and no one goes through childhood without experiencing occasional bumps and scratches. New walkers will occasionally trip up or lose balance, older children may run into each other when playing outside or fall off a tricycle. Our nurseries, as you will see when you visit, provide a stimulating and exciting play environment, in which, at the same time, the risks of bumps and scratches are kept to a minimum and both facility design and activity planning are focussed on ensuring that more serious risks are avoided altogether.