Careers With Us

Teaching and Managing are two different skill sets - and perhaps Caring for Under Fives is something different from both of them.

At Foundations for Learning, we encourage staff to develop their careers along whichever pathway suits them best:

  • The Management Pathway leads from Head of Room to Nursery Manager and then to Area Operations Manager
  • The Curriculum Pathway leads from Head of Room to Nursery Curriculum Leader to Area Curriculum Coordinator to Corporate Curriculum Coordinator
  • The Nursery Room Pathway. Some of our best caring staff don't want to climb a career ladder that reduces their daily contact with children. Staying in the front line is a respected career option (as it is in the Medical profession). Nobody is better at showing parents around one of our nurseries than the Head of Room who will be responsible for the daily supervision of their child.

To find out more about employment and career opportunities with Foundations for Learning, please contact the relevant nursery managers whose details are on the nursery pages.